Greener Business

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Despite endless ridicule, promises of sea demons and a seemingly impossible journey, Christopher Columbus set off in 1492 to prove his point.


Huge thanks to Melissa Clark-Reynolds from for her thought-provoking talk on Greener Business yesterday as part of the Consultus Speaker Series.  So much to think about and do – with very real economic benefits if we get it right.

The room went cold for a second when she said, “we are leaving this issue for our children to fix”.  It’s too true.  Our generation are simply not taking action but our children will not have any choice.

The questions she posed for government, business and individuals (and their families/communities) were how can we?

Reduce consumption

Use renewable resources

Find other ways of doing things

Encourage sustainability

I may already have talked my husband out of a new 2nd car and into a Vespa – but wait til he has to drive it over the Rimutakas!  As with every choice we make for a more sustainable lifestyle, there will be consequences.  When I hear about how people in Christchurch are currently living without even a road to drive on, I think we’ll cope with a little inconvenience.


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