Have a great new year

Wow, I needed that!  The holiday, that is.  It was a really big year for me last year – lots of “stuff” going on around me and it feels like I “just” made it to Christmas.  After a month in the country, with nothing much to do but mow lawns and plan menus, I’m back feeling refreshed and excited about the busy year ahead.

One of my first tasks is to take myself through a wee process I do every year to get myself clear on what I want to achieve.  I call it the “what was great and what could improve” process.  It starts with a review of everything that was great about last year – and I fill-in (hopefully) a large A1 sized flipchart using coloured pens.  I save room (but not too much hopefully) for the things that could have been better.  This gives me the opportunity to look at everything that happened, good and not-so-good, and see the themes and patterns.  I can see how the business is evolving, what directions it is taking, and I get to think about whether I want to continue in those directions or change.  I then use this information to plan what I’d like to achieve this year – more of what was great and less of what wasn’t.

Next step – think about what it will take to make that happen, write them down on a task list, and begin.  It’s so simple and does what so many of us forget to do, step back and take a moment to look at the big picture.  We introduce it at the beginning of our Management in Action programme – giving people the chance to actually think about what they want to achieve as a manager.

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