How we work

17 year old Zola Budd ran barefoot into burning controversy in January 1984, beating the world 5000 metres record by an incredible 6.45 seconds

It is important to clarify how we work with our clients so you know what to expect.

We design every workshop from scratch – customised to completely suit your outcomes, your organisation and the participants.

We focus on real application of the skills, rather than theory alone, AND we make sure what we offer is backed by best practice and real life experience.

We have an interactive style of facilitation using participant interaction and activities to generate learning.

We also think it’s important for our style to reflect the content, ie, we use the tools and techniques ourselves during the sessions.

We like to work in partnership with our clients allowing their expertise and experience of their workplace to inform the content and style of the workshop. We want to make sure it hits the mark and fits with your organisation’s culture.

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