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TrishTrish Stonestreet is based in Wellington, New Zealand and is a director of Maygrove Management Services. She is the lead facilitator and designer of the Authenticity series of workshops, and is committed to helping people finding the strengths of their own unique style. She is trained in Accelerated Learning and NLP, and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators. She is completing her certification as a Professional Facilitator. Her areas of specialty are training, presenting, facilitating and leading teams.

Carolin Phillips has recently returned from nine years living and working at the Esalen Institute in California where she lead a key Guest Services team. It was here that she had the opportunity to have her leadership and team building skills sharpened.  Prior to this she worked in the learning and development industry in New Zealand.  She has a degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, has studied NLP and Gestalt Process. She runs Maygrove’s “Hard-to-Have Conversations” and From-the-front-of-the-room workshops and manages back-of-the-room for the Mates & Dates facilitation skills workshops.

Meredith Kennett has been an educator for the past 20 years focusing on personal development and relationship skills.  She runs our one-day Training for Trainers workshops as well as “Hard-to-Have Conversations”. Meredith leads our facilitator training for the ACC Mates & Dates programme facilitators. www.matesanddates.co.nz is a violence prevention programme available to all New Zealand high school students. She is a passionate student of Te Reo Maori and has a Diploma of Child Psychology through the ATI Psychology Institute, Dublin, Ireland.

Helen Wise has 20 years experience as a trainer, facilitator, and certified  coach. Prior to working as a trainer and coach for Maygrove, she was the training manager with a team of ten trainers. She can be found facilitating Training for Trainers and Group Facilitation workshops “Hard-to-Have Conversations”. She has a BA from Victoria University and has completed study in various neuro-science disciplines.

Keryn Weir has a background in Human Resource management and Organisational Development.  She has experience in working with senior management in team development, strategic planning, risk management, internal audit management, and organisational development.   Keryn has worked as an HR consultant within the tertiary education sector and the NZ Fire Service. Keryn regularly facilitates team development and planning workshops, provides training and coaching services, and change management support for organisations and individuals. Keryn has an BA in Psychology and Criminology and an MA in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, and is an NLP Master Practitioner.

Rachel Empig is our admin extraordinaire and she is currently on maternity leave. Her able replacement is Emma Fitzgerald. 

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