Questions I ask myself each year

Ephoto (5)very year in our business we look back over the past 12 months and ask ourselves two questions: what worked and what could improve? Those of you who have done one of our Authenticity workshops will recognise this as our simple, yet powerful debrief process. And just as it does for our participants, for years (over 20) it has helped Maygrove grow and change and evolve.

What have I learnt and how am I going to use it?

There is another question (or is it two?) that concludes this “yearly debrief”. What have I learnt and how am I going to use it? It informs what we do with the lessons from the previous year.

At the beginning of last year I knew two things – I wanted to take our message bigger, wider, to more people, and I wanted to do it with people I love. I wasn’t sure how to get there but decided to trust that if this was the right direction, then opportunities would come our way. Well, they did and for the first time ever, demand exceeded our capacity. To counter this, I’ve been working with a couple of people (I love) training and coaching them to be able to run workshops without me. And this year our first public workshops will run with me as a “back of the room” coach.

My wish for all of us is that we have more choices in our lives – and for me this means taking the time to reflect, review and consider the year that has just gone.  And to use that learning to help me choose where to next.

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