Training for Trainers – The 3 circles model

Great Moment!  I’ve become conditioned to celebrate when something doesn’t go right.  My intention is to capture the learning and then let it go.  The learning I got to capture on our last course was to carefully proof read the workbook PDF BEFORE it goes to print.  This time there were a few things that somehow got cut off the end of articles and the Testing article was one of them.  It offers the 3 circles model as a way of testing where your participants are at.  So, as well as updating the workbook, I am also offering it here.

It’s simple! The 3 circles model asks your audience for one of three possible responses to a question (usually a closed one).

If you are training and want to make sure the whole group understands something before you move on, the three circles might have – GOT IT, SORT OF, NOT REALLY.

For a decision making process,  you might want to check in and see where people are at with the decision being discussed to check to see if enough discussion has been had.  So the three circles might have – YES, NO, MAYBE inside and people are asked to choose one to show where they are at.

Does that make sense? GOT IT, SORT OF, NOT REALLY

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