What we do

17 year old Zola Budd ran barefoot into burning controversy in January 1984, beating the world 5000 metres record by an incredible 6.45 seconds

We custom develop interpersonal skills workshops across a broad range of topics for people in business and the public sector.

These include:

Group Facilitation – managing the people and the flow of information to enable you to get the best out of groups.

Team Management – how to get your team to do what you want them to do, in the way you want them to do it

Presentations – so that talking to a group feels like chatting with friends across a coffee table

Training for Trainers – ensuring uptake of information so participants can integrate new skills and behaviours willingly and enthusiastically.

Sales – building strong customer relationships based on the premise that “nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody LOVES to buy”.


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