Training for Trainers (an Authenticity workshop)

Do you want to achieve more with your training? Do you want to dramatically improve your confidence levels at the front of the room?

Whether you are a full time trainer, or you train as part of your job, this practical, highly experiential 2-day workshop will leave you better equipped to deal with any training situation.

Authenticity – Training for Trainers is for trainers, team leaders, content experts, and anyone who presents or trains. You’ll learn to:

  • develop training skills to new levels, no matter where you start from
  • develop a unique style of training that’s based on your natural strengths
  • feel at ease at the front of the room — so you feel as comfortable at the front of the room as talking to friends across a coffee table

You’ll learn a wide variety of training tools and techniques, and also experience them in use. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise, so you’ll leave ready to hit the ground running.

We start before you get to the workshop. Before you arrive you’ll be invited to tell us the outcomes you want, and we will weave them into the training plan.

Depth of training

Key concepts

  • Learn the difference between presenting, training, and facilitating and when to do which.
  • Define the concept of Authenticity and why it is so important at the front of the room.

Planning and developing

  • Create clear, well-formed outcomes for your training
  • Uncover and meet the needs of your participants
  • Plan with ‘the Framework’—a simple and thorough way to structure training material


  • Manage your own state so you feel more confident and at ease
  • Easily create a supportive learning environment
  • Set up your training so everyone knows what to expect and they are best prepared to participate

Keeping your group lively, alert, and enthusiastic

  • Use stories and examples to bring ideas to life
  • Find keys to creating simple, effective visual aids
  • Manage your participants’ energy levels with state changes and icebreakers

Understanding your audience

  • Identify and use different learning styles to reach more participants, more easily
  • Recognise the forces that create group dynamics
  • Respond to challenging behaviour to maintain a safe environment for all participants

Ensuring effective learning

  • Simple ways to test your audience’s understanding of your material throughout the training
  • Ways to set up, run, and debrief training activities to help people understand how the information can be applied
  • Tips on encouraging active participation in group discussions

Evaluating training effectiveness

  • Use the Kirkpatrick model to evaluate your training.

About the trainers

Authenticity – Training for Trainers is delivered by two experienced trainers. Participants trial the skills in a safe environment and receive valuable feedback from the trainers and fellow participants.

Helen Wise leads workshops on every topic in the Write portfolio. She has extensive experience as a trainer, and her love of the craft has inspired her to share her skills. In her ten years at Write she has probably encountered every situation a trainer could face. She’s known for making training fun and memorable.

Trish Stonestreet is based in Wellington. She is a director of Maygrove Management Services and the developer of the Authenticity series of workshops. In over 20 years she has worked with many government and corporate organisations, developing and delivering training.  She is a natural and fun facilitator with a relaxed and practical training style.  As a former public-speaking phobic, she has a particular commitment to helping others to build confidence at the front of the room.


Authenticity has earned an excellent reputation over the years:

‘For me, my great takeout from Authenticity was to stop trying to copy what everyone else does at the front of the room and find the style that suits me. It truly made a huge difference as it gave me confidence to trust in my own instincts and be me! … I make better connections with the audience as what I talk about feels real to them and I am much more relaxed when I deliver it. My colleagues say to me ‘I don’t know how you do it so easily’ and ‘I couldn’t do what you do’ however I was a reluctant front of room facilitator myself and attending Authenticity gave me a huge amount of confidence. I would recommend it to anyone.’ Rose Beets, HR Manager, National Mini Storage

‘I am a big fan of Authenticity having sent key staff there and seen them come back six feet tall. They are armed with practical skills and confidence which is a delight to witness and to see them put into practice. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ Emily Loughnan, ClickSuite

‘Authenticity is a practical, hands-on training opportunity that both those new to the art of training and those who have experience will benefit from.’ Iain Rayner, Department of Conservation

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