Authenticity in-house workshops

“This above all – to thine own self be true.” William Shakespeare.What can you expect to get from an Authenticity workshop?

  • Developing your skills to a level where even YOU ARE SURPRISED how well it went;
  • IMPROVING regardless of your level of experience;
  • Feeling CONFIDENT and at EASE so that talking to a group is as comfortable as talking to friends across a coffee table: and
  • Incorporating what you learn into YOUR OWN UNIQUE STYLE.

An in-house programme has many more:

  • Content specifically tailored to your unique requirements;
  • Location and dates of your choosing – we come to you;
  • Lower cost per head than public workshops;
  • Wonderful team alignment opportunity.

Each workshop is highly practical and experiential. We take up to 12 people only so there is lots of one-on-one attention. There are multiple opportunities to practice and we follow each practice with a feedback session.  Participants are taught a constructive and supportive feedback model which they use to coach each other (and is another great tool for the workplace).

We work with you to set clear outcomes for your workshop and understand the context in which most of your team present, and the specific challenges they face. We select content and skills that they need to know in order to be successful in that context, and develop the workshop around that.

For example – we recently developed an Authenticity workshop for team leaders in the contact centre of a major New Zealand bank.  They only have one hour each week where the whole team can meet together so it’s critical that they use this one opportunity effectively to deliver communication and train staff.  The content we chose included:  Using a simple planning process for each meeting; Reaching a wider variety of people by understanding your audience better; Managing the “state” of the group so that they are alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic; Testing to make sure they “got it”; Dealing with challenging behaviour effectively; Running participative group discussions; Bringing information to life with examples and stories; Running learning activities; and keeping the meeting on track.
“I am a big fan of Authenticity having sent key staff there and seen them come back six feet tall. They are armed with practical skills and confidence which is a delight to witness and to see them put into practice. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Emily Loughnan


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